TV Platform


A TV studio organized and led by Bati Journal TV & Wood Surfer.



Over 25 conferences and round-the-table discussions took place on the set!


It was open to all-comers and hosted by BatiJournal TV with backing from the inter-professional association France Bois Forêt.
Short-format, interactive exchanges took place with contributions from experts in the sector such as Cyril Le Picard, Chairman of France Bois Forêt, Luc Charmasson, Chairman of FBIE, Vincent Naudet, Chairman of SNPF, Thierry Varachaud, Timber Construction Engineer with FCBA, Lionel Staub, Rhône-Alpes regional delegate of “Experts Forestiers de France”, and others.

This forum was a chance for all professionals—industrial companies, visitors, show partners—to hold exchanges and to review all the hot topics in the sector, focusing notably on innovation, which was a core theme in all the debates :

Markets are what stimulate the sector toward more and more innovation and technological input [… ] and such innovation must be communicated. It is not something that is decreed from the top but is seen in the form of exemplary, concrete, market-driven actions.

Luc Charmasson, Chairman of FBIE (France Bois Industries Entreprises)

Eurobois is a genuine shop window onto the sector, packed full of new products and innovations.  France Bois Forêt is delighted to be a partner of this event and we will certainly be present at the next edition.

Cyril Le Picard, Chairman of France Bois Forêt




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